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30 januari 2022
I’ll take care of you; nurturing tips for your baby
When it comes to raising your child, the little one has to be well taken care of. The care collection from Baby’s Only makes it so that you can pamper your child in style.
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baby op aankleedkussen sense

I’ll take care of you; nurturing tips for your baby

When it comes to raising your child, the little one has to be well taken care of. There’s a lot when it comes to the nurturing of your kid: from small, intimate moments such as dressing them up to choosing their care products. It’s a lot, but luckily you’re not alone. The care collection from Baby’s Only makes it so that you can pamper your child in style.

verschillende kleuren rompers van melange lijn

Nurturing baby skin

The skin of your baby is very delicate and sensitive, that’s why it is very important to protect it from outside influences. By using milder care products you can grant this protection easily. Furthermore it is important to keep the little one warm at home and outside during a walk. That’s why Baby’s Only has a wide range of baby clothing, made of soft ecological material.

spullen voor verschonen van baby op bankje

Changing diapers

Everytime your child has peed or pooped, you change their diaper. That means that you change about eight diapers a day. Therefore, it would be nice if you had the right products at home, such as changing pads and baby wipes pouches. The changing pads from Baby’s Only are made of knitted fabric and a soft middle part of microfiber. Because of the soft middle part your child can lay down comfortably and nicely warm during changing.

baby verschonen op aankleedkussen

Dressing and undressing your baby

Especially in the beginning it can be quite a challenge to dress and undress your kid. The arms and legs don’t really seem to want to work along and everything feels so delicate. But luckily your maternity nurse will give you some nice tips to do it well. And then it will transform into lovely and intimitate little moments with your child. It’s wonderful to snuggle after and for example massage your kid. After that you dress them up warmly with their baby clothes, made of organic cotton. Where do you do all of this? On the changing table ofcourse, on a comfortable changing pad with a soft changing pad cover.

roze omslagdoek bij baby

Bathing your baby

Bathing with your child for the first time, an unforgettable experience. A lot of things come up when about to bathe, but we will gladly give a tip to ensure that everything feels nice to your child. Is your child fully undressed but is the bath water not the right temperature yet? Then a warm baby cape is the solution. The wrap is for before and after the bath, a great product to immediately wrap your child with so they stay nicely warm. Baby’s Only has a wide range of baby capes, perfectly warm because of the soft knitting.

hydrofiele doeken in verschillende kleuren op een plankje

Drying your child

The must have that all newborn moms and dads probably have a stack of is the swaddle. Ideal for drying, because it is softer and thinner than a towel. Our swaddles are made of 100% cotton or 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Cotton for its firmness and bamboo because it’s soft, breathable, hygienic and also environmentally friendly. The ultimate combination! They’re available in many colors and are very versatile, so having a stock of them does no harm.

baby verschonen op een verschoonmatje

Questions about caring for your child?

Baby’s Only will gladly help you find the best products for your baby. Do you have a question about a certain product? You’re welcome to send a message to our customer care and they will gladly help you!

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