May 9, 2024

What bedding do you need for the co-sleeper?

Many parents nowadays opt for a co-sleeper in addition to a traditional crib, a small bed that can be attached directly to the parental bed. This not only makes it easier to feed your baby at night but also strengthens the bond between parent and child due to the proximity. But what exactly do you need in terms of bedding for such a co-sleeper? Baby’s Only is ready to advise you.

What sleep products for a co-sleeper?

For a co-sleeper, it is important to carefully consider the bedding you use to ensure your baby can sleep comfortably and safely. Below is a list of essential bedding items for a co-sleeper: 

A molton under-sheet protects the mattress against moisture and dirt. It is soft and absorbent, adding extra comfort and hygiene. 

Fitted sheet 
A well-fitting fitted sheet is essential to cover the co-sleeper’s mattress. Choose a fitted sheet made of soft, breathable material like cotton that fits snugly around the mattress.

A sheet on top of the fitted sheet provides an additional layer, useful for hygiene and easy to change.

Baby blankets
Depending on the temperature in the house, you can choose blankets with different TOG values. A higher TOG value is warmer and better suited for colder conditions, while a lower TOG value is better for warmer nights.

Hot water bottles and covers
For extra warmth, you can use a hot water bottle. Make sure to choose a safe hot water bottle and always use a cover to avoid direct contact with the hot bottle.

Order bedding from Baby's Only

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