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11 maart 2020
Season Shake Up!
We always get extra energy when spring arrives. Like a breath of fresh air throughout the house we clear up, clean and give everything a nice spot again.
Babys Only

Season Shake Up!

We always get extra energy when spring arrives. We go outside more and inside we start the big spring clean. All the furniture is moved aside, cupboards are emptied, rearranged, in short, everything is turned up-side-down. In other words, Season Shake Up!

Baby's Only commode with accessories

Like a breath of fresh air throughout the house we clear up, clean and give everything a nice spot again. The same applies to all the baby stuff, and there's only more to come! But yes, where to begin? We'll give you a helping hand to get off to a good start this spring by sharing some useful tips with you.

Tip 1. Plan your cleaning up moments

When you are considering a big spring clean, you soon conjure up a huge mountain of work. Doing it all at once probably doesn't work time-wise. Because time is precious, especially with a little one in the house. Or maybe you're pregnant now, and then everything is taken down a notch. So plan several moments and turn that one big job into manageable little jobs. And a nice side effect is that you have more little moments of success! Feels good, doesn't it?!

White baby commode with Baby's Only products

Green toy box and music mobile

Tip 2. Where do I leave all those toys, face wipes and creams?

Handy stashers do the trick. Large and small storage baskets that look nice in the baby's room but also in the living room. Often you also have stuff downstairs such as nappies, cream, bum wipes, aids for breastfeeding and so on. Make sure you have a nice basket in which you can put all that little stuff and then it will even look nice on the dining table!

And the toys? Place a large storage basket next to the playpen in which you can put all the toys. Everything being cleared up quickly equals more me-time when the baby sleeps!

Need some inspiration for the big and small storage boxes?

Inspiration for the big and small storage boxes

Tip 3. Store or throw away?

Are you fanatically clearing up but do you come across things you don't really know what to do with but can't get rid of? Make an arrangement with yourself. Don't throw it away, store it and if you come across it untouched during the next big clean, get rid of it. Make someone else happy with it, for example. This not only makes it feel tidy but you also feel good about yourself.

White and green baby room

Hot water bottle covers

Tip 4. Sometimes cold, sometimes warm.

There is a reason why the saying goes ‘April showers bring forth May flowers’. In spring the weather is erratic; one moment there is a nice warm sun and then suddenly cold wind and rain again. It's then quite a challenge to keep your child well dressed and at the right temperature. A romper and a hat are actually indispensable, so that's where you start. For in bed you can choose a sleeping bag and a cot blanket. Is it really warmer? Then maybe you can leave the sleeping bag out for that moment.

Is it really very cold? A new-born baby can't always keep himself or herself at the right temperature, so a hot water bottle is very handy. You don't put a hot water bottle in bed just like that; you should always put a bag around it. Do you want one that matches the rest of the baby's room? Take a look at the collection of hot water bottle bags here.

All hot water bottle covers

Also when you go outside you have several possibilities. For example, you can use the cot blanket in the carrycot. For the car seat you can choose a light wrap for warmer moments and a warm foot muff when it's cold.

Tip 5. Last but not least: you!

Don't forget yourself. After all the hard work you can take a break and do nothing for a while. This creates space and peace in your mind and body. And this gives you and your baby so much new energy. And then you can go out at another time and enjoy those first warm rays of sunshine.

Baby room with Baby's Only products
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