15 September 2023

Our new Collections: where enchantment and style meet!

Discover the magic of Baby's Only, where enchantment and baby style come together! Welcome to the world of comfort and style for your little one. With our new Flora, Willow, and Stripe collections, we bring the beauty of the outdoors to your baby's wardrobe. Each piece is lovingly crafted from soft, skin-friendly materials for your baby's comfort and safety. Let your little one shine in these collections.

Welcome to the enchanting world of babies, where every smile is a treasure and every day is an adventure. When it comes to taking care of our little ones, everything must be as good as possible. Naturally, we also find it important that our little one not only feels comfortable but also looks a bit cute and lovely. That's why Baby's Only has chosen a new direction in creating the latest collections. Discover the magic of combining comfort and style with our new Flora, Willow, and Stripe collections. Let your little one shine in these new styles.

Flora collection

The new Flora collection adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. You can easily pair the Flora collection with a solid jumpsuit, a little shirt, or even pants. The Flora collection was developed with the aim of creating a fresh and cheerful collection. We wanted to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors in our own Baby's Only way. For this collection, we used a knitting pattern that brings to mind delicate little flowers. The Willow collection consists of knitted sweaters, cozy jumpsuits, cute pants, and adorable accessories in four soft earthy tones, adding tenderness and tranquility to every outfit.

Willow collection

Let your little one shine with the Willow collection. The collection is crafted with an eye for knitted detail and comfort. The Willow collection is one of the first collections to feature a fine yet visible knitting pattern. The collection is available in four soft earthy tones, adding tenderness and tranquility to every outfit. They are suitable for everyone, and there is always a good combination possible with another collection. Despite the calm color palette, this collection adds a bit more flair to your little one, thanks to the special knitting pattern. At Baby's Only, it's not just about beautiful designs but also about quality and attention to detail. Every product in these new collections is made with love, using soft, skin-friendly materials that ensure the comfort and safety of your baby.

Stripe collection

With the Stripe collection, you can add a striking touch to your little one's outfit. Thanks to the vibrant stripes and the fine color palette, the Stripe collection is a perfect blend of playfulness and elegance. The soft colors in the collection add stripes in a cute and soothing way, bringing a completely new look to our current collections. By mixing and matching the stripes with one of our solid items, you can complete your baby's outfit. The Stripe collection is not only super cute but also made from organic cotton. This ensures your little one's comfort and prevents skin irritation during active movements. This collection includes adorable pants, tops, jumpsuits, and accessories so your little one can crawl around in style. Perfect for the little adventurers!

Whether you want to add a touch of floral beauty, vibrant stripes, or natural tranquility to your little one's outfits, the Flora, Stripe, and Willow collections have something for everyone.

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