Choose the right size playpen mat

If you're buying a playpen mat, it is important to know what size the playpen is. In order to find out, measure the interior size of the playpen and select a blanket which is marginally larger, so that you have a small standing edge. That way, your baby won't get hurt while playing or rolling around. Do you want to play it even safer? Then you should combine the playpen mat with a playpen bumper.

Baby’s Only playpen mats

Baby’s Only playpen mats are known for their beautiful quality and finish. Because the playpen mats are extra thick, your baby will be very comfortable. Some playpen mats have a super-soft lining on both sides, for even more comfort. Every Baby's Only style has its own type of playpen mats. So there are many different knitting patterns and colours to choose from. Every playpen mat is available in a small size (75x95 cm) and a normal size (80x100 cm).

Fancy knitted playpen mats

Baby’s Only has a large product range of fancy knitted playpen mats, ranging from soft pastel colours to tough colours and bright stars. So there will always be a playpen mat that matches your playpen and your interior.

Mix and match with a matching playpen bag, playpen bumper or stuffed animal, and your playpen will become a real eye-catcher in the living room.

Play mat

With a Baby’s Only play mat, playing in the playpen becomes a treat. A playpen mat is sometimes also used on the ground as a play mat. That way, your baby will not be on the hard floor, but on a warm and soft blanket. A playpen mat is also ideal to take with you when visiting someone. That way your baby will always be comfortable and can play wherever you go.