Complete your little one's crib or playpen with the Baby's Only Bed/Box Bumper in white from the Calm collection. This beautiful bumper is designed to add a touch of style and tranquility to the nursery.

With its soft and padded fabric, the Bed/Box Bumper provides a safe and comfortable environment for your little one to rest and play. The timeless design perfectly complements any crib or playpen decor and adds extra refinement to the space.

The Bed/Box Bumper is easy to attach to the bars of the crib or playpen, creating a soft and protected edge. Thanks to its durable quality, your little one can safely and snugly enjoy their time in the crib or playpen.

Add a touch of peace and comfort to your baby's crib or playpen experience with the Bed/Box Bumper Calm in white, an essential accessory for a tranquil and cozy environment.
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100% cotton
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Does the bed/playpen bumper provide sufficient protection against hard edges of the playpen or bed?
Is the bed/playpen bumper suitable for every bed or playpen?
Is the bed/playpen bumper easy to wash?


Discover timeless elegance for the nursery with the Baby's Only Calm collection, which consists of crib and cot sheets made of high-quality 100% cotton. This collection offers a choice between playful ruffles and special embroidery finishes at the top of the sheet, adding both a playful touch and timeless class.

Create an oasis of calm and sophistication with the Baby's Only Calm collection and give the nursery a timelessly stylish look!

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