A baby canopy protects your baby against mosquitoes

A baby baby canopy is simply a mosquito net for the baby room. This baby canopy is fastened above the baby crib, cot or playpen and protects your baby against mosquitoes and other undesirable insects. The mosquitoes can sting your baby, giving your child a little red swelling which itches. Some babies are very sensitive to this. In that case, a baby canopy is an ideal solution.

Baby canopy for the baby room

Although a baby canopy is primarily intended to serve as protection against mosquitoes, it is also a nice decoration in the baby room. When the mosquito net is not used, you can leave it hanging above your baby bed, and then it will look like a canopy bed or veil. A baby canopy can be fastened to a screw-eye in the ceiling, or you can fasten it to a baby canopy stand.

Baby's only baby canopy collection

Baby’s Only mosquito nets are suitable for baby cribs, cots and beds up to 160x40 cm. Every baby canopy has a border with a colour from the Baby’s Only collection. That way, the baby canopy blends in well with the rest of the baby room furnishing. The loops, to which you can fasten decorative stars or a music box, are a nice detail. These decorative stars will give the baby room even more atmosphere. Baby's Only mosquito nets are available in one size: 200x55 cm.

Difference between a canopy and a baby baby canopy

A baby canopy for babies is often confused with a canopy. And yet, these two crib tops are not the same. The main difference between a mosquito and a canopy or veil is that the top of a baby canopy is closed off. Mosquito nets can also be recognised by their conical top with a noose. Canopies mainly serve to decorate the baby room, while mosquito nets are not only decorative, but also functional. They protect your baby against mosquitoes and other insects.

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