Painting the baby room

Do you want to paint the baby room? Don't wait too long and make sure you use water-based paint. Water-based paint is odourless and contains almost no solvents. However, it is always advisable to properly air the room. Make sure you open the windows and doors of the baby room while painting.

Which colour paint to use in the baby room

A lot of research has been done about the influence and significance of colours. It is advised to paint the baby room in calm, light colours. The mild pastel colours of the Baby’s Only wall paints fit this description perfectly. They match well with the colours of the baby room furniture, such as a changing table, cot, cupboard or lamp.

Ton sur Ton

Matching tones or ton sur ton are a combination of colours with the same tone. Because paint adheres differently to every material, the same colour of paint on the wall of the baby room will differ a bit from that of the furniture in the baby room. But the tones are very similar. This creates unity and calm in the baby room. And the result looks lovely.

Baby’s Only wall paint

Baby’s Only wall paints are especially made for Baby’s Only. The colours are matched with the fabric's colours. Because Baby’s Only holds the safety of you and your child in the highest regard, all paint is water-based. All Baby’s Only wall paints are matte and easy to clean. A 1-litre can of paint can be used to paint about 8-10 m2. Depending on the structure. All paints are produced in the Netherlands, exclusively for Baby’s Only.

Tip: create a mood board

Are you still thinking about which colour you want to paint the baby room in? Then create a mood board. For example, use Pinterest to collect all images of baby rooms, interior and furnishing, or let yourself be inspired by our atmospheric photos. Choose a colour of paint that matches well with this. The result will amaze you.