Music boxes from Baby's Only

The music boxes from Baby's Only are beautiful to look at, play fun tunes and are easy to hang up. Although it is a real music box, you could also call it a musical stuffed toy. With a baby music box, hanging is very important because with newborn babies you don't want loose soft toys or other objects in the playpen or crib. Later when your baby is older, he or she can turn on the music box himself. From birth to being a toddler, the music box will perform an important function in your baby's life. Even if only because of its sweet, soft music, which in time will feel familiar.

Music box melody: choose what you like

We have chosen the songs for the music box baby very deliberately. When selecting them, our first goal was to give the baby music box a soft and pleasant sound. This is nice, because that way the music box allows the baby or toddler to fall asleep peacefully. Our second goal was to let parents choose something they like the tune of; after all, you will hear the sound every day for years. You can easily find a nice tune with us, as all melodies are soft and beautiful. The details of each product indicate which tune is played. You are bound to find a tune you like.

Which music box for your baby?

If you're wondering which music box babies love the most, it's undoubtedly the fabric music boxes for babies. That is why we have several types of baby fabric music boxes in our range. Because what is better than having a wide choice between all kinds of special music boxes for babies. What is our advice when buying a baby music box? At a younger age, place the box out of the baby's reach. If the box is hanging on the baby's playpen out of reach, you can opt for a wooden music box. As soon as your baby starts playing with it himself, many parents will prefer a fabric box. This is because your baby will want to play with it.

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