The Baby's Only duvet cover knitted in the colour silver-grey is made of soft knitted yarns on the top. The underside is lined with fine cotton. Your baby is kept warm and feels wonderfully comfortable under this duvet cover for your baby bed. The particularly fine knit gives the duvet covers of the Classic line a luxurious appearance. The cover for cot blankets is easy to use for your baby. The Baby's Only duvet cover is washable, retains its shape and is colourfast, has a size of 100x135 cm and fits perfectly with your other Baby's Only items.

Product number
EAN number
TOG value
1.5 TOG
100x135 cm
50% cotton, 50% acrylic
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The fine knitwork and the soft colours make the Classic line fancy and timeless. The classic design of this style gives the baby room a calm and modern appearance. Classic has the finest knitwork of the Baby’s Only collection. The colours vary from mild pastel colours to cool and modern stonegreen. The Classic collection can be excellently combined with the Cable, Sun and Star styles.

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