The Baby's Only hooded baby blanket with feet from the Cozy collection in the colour Misty Blue is made of wonderfully soft teddy fabric and finished with a beautiful knitted trim. The hooded baby blanket is easy to close and open with the Velcro fastening. And your baby's feet always stay nice and warm. This fine hooded baby blanket has a size of 77 x 78 cm and is suitable for every car seat 0+. The Cozy hooded baby blanket with feet is available in various trendy colours, washable and retains its shape and colour.
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75x75 cm
95% polyester, 5% cotton
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Feel the warmth and comfort that the Cozy collection offers. From baby blankets to cute wrap-around blankets with feet, they are all made of ultra-soft teddy fabric and finished with a knitted trim. It gives this collection a fluffy, sweet and trendy look. Exactly what you are looking for for your baby, a lot of cuteness with a high cuddle content! Discover the fluffy accessories in many beautiful colours. Cuddle up for Cozy vibes!

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