Baby's Only wraps

A hooded baby blanket is an essential item for your layette. Hooded baby blankets are ideal when getting your baby out of bed, putting it in the playpen or while feeding or in the car, they keep your child nice and warm. Most Baby's Only hooded baby blankets wraps are fitted with a recess for the seat belt. Ideal for on the road. There is choice from various models and colours, because every Baby's Only style has its own line of hooded baby blanket. The wraps have different types of linings: chenille, soft or no lining at all (plain). Because of the moisture-absorbent properties of chenille, hooded baby blankets with this lining are also often used as bathcapes. The Baby's Only hooded baby blankets have a size of 82x82 cm.

Baby's Only bathcapes

A bathcape is ideal for wrapping your baby in after the bath. The soft terry lining ensures your child dries quickly. Hooded baby blankets with a chenille lining are also often used as bath towels because of the moisture absorbing properties of chenille. The Baby's Only bathcapes are available in a regular size: 75x85 cm and an extra large size: 100x100 cm ( XL bathcape).

Hooded baby blankets, wrapping cloths or baby cloths

Baby cloth, wrapping cloth or hooded baby blanket. There are several names for the same product. A hooded baby blanket is also sometimes referred to as a wrap. Baby's Only hooded baby blankets are characterised by a type of pointed cap/hood on the top. Baby's Only hooded baby blankets, wrapping cloths or baby cloths do not have this not. These cloths are only wrapped around the body and keep your child nice and warm. The size of the Baby's Only cloths is 100x100 cm.

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