Beautiful cot blanket from Baby's Only

You want to spoil your baby by making a nice, soft and warm spot in the cot. With Baby's Only's cot blankets, you're sure to succeed. Choose a cotton cot blanket, like this beige cotton cot blanket or choose a very soft cot blanket made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. The blankets are made of high-quality materials and have a luxurious feel. The dimensions of 70x95 and 100x135 make them fit perfectly in most cribs and cots. Browse through our range and see which one you like best.

TOG value of cot blankets

TOG value is indicated with every cot blanket. TOG value stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is determined by an independent test institute. It indicates the thermal resistance and insulation value. A cot blanket for the winter has a higher TOG value than a summer blanket. A warm blanket for the cot or crib at Baby's Only always has a TOG value between 0.6 and 2.7. You choose the right value by measuring the temperature in the room. Read more about TOG value here.

Washable cot blanket

You use a cot blanket in combination with a Baby's Only cot sheet. A Baby's Only cot blanket is always washable, which is very important. You naturally want your child to lie in a comfortable bed under a clean blanket. All our baby blankets, such as a cotton cot blanket but also those of teddy fabric, are washable, retain their shape and are colour-fast. Our blankets have instructions on how to clean them, always follow this advice.

Beautiful patterns

Your baby may not care too much what colour the blanket is, but as parents, seeing your little one in a beautiful bed is a sight to behold. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the designs and colours. So we create all the essentials to make a beautiful, stylish nursery. How do I decorate my nursery? With the products of Baby's Only you can create a beautiful nursery in no time.

Combine our products

When you see a baby cot blanket, you might just fall in love with the style. Think a knitted baby blanket or blanket with a honeycomb pattern. If you then look at the styles, you will see that we have used the same style in many more products. So you can easily complete your interior.

BabyÔÇÖs Only worldwide

The reason why we have such a huge range (over 1,800 products) and so many different styles is that Baby's Only is available in more than 800 shops in 25 countries! So many shops and countries ensure that there is demand for many different styles. That is why we offer products in Scandinavian, modern and classic styles. The Baby's Only products are traditionally knitted in one of our knitting factories in the Netherlands.

Crib blanket or cot blanket?

What is the difference between a crib blanket and cot blanket? A crib blanket is smaller size and the cot blanket is of a larger size. If you have both you can make up a cot with a crib blanket. Conversely, making crib with a cot blanket is not possible. With a blanket that is too large, there is danger of suffocation. It is therefore important that your child's face can never get under the blanket. If you have a crib or cot of a different size and not sure which baby blanket is suitable or have another question? Of course we know everything about our own products and are happy to give tailored advice. Please feel free to contact us.

How many blankets does a baby need?

Your baby should be neither too hot nor too cold. The TOG value helps determine this. When you place several blankets on top of each other, the TOG values add up so you may end up with a bed that is too warm. Most people buy several baby cot blankets, so they can make the bed warmer or warmer or cooler when needed.

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