Baby's Only crib blankets

A warm baby blanket is indispensable to keep your little sleeper comfortably warm in the crib. With a luxurious, comfortable Baby's Only crib blanket, you have a baby blanket that is wonderfully soft for your baby, but also looks beautiful in the nursery. Our crib blankets have a size of 70x95 cm and there is a suitable crib blanket for every season. Go for a warm winter crib blanket with teddy fabric or a cotton crib blanket with low TOG value. The TOG value of a crib blanket determines the warmth in which the baby sleeps. This is indicated in the product information for all crib blankets.

Baby crib blankets

Baby's Only has luxury crib blankets in various styles and colours. From a teddy cradle blanket in a striking colour to a cotton crib blanket in a natural tone. This way you can combine our baby blankets nicely with the other baby accessories and the baby room itself. Combine the crib blanket with a matching crib sheet and a cuddly toy to complete the crib. The colours match perfectly, which allows you to combine different styles and products. Mix and match with Baby's Only!

Baby's Only crib blankets

No time to go to the shop? At Baby's Only we have an extensive assortment of soft crib blankets and other baby accessories, including luxury playpen mats and baby blankets. You can view all this in a nice, well-organized way. If you order on a workday before 8 p.m., then you will receive your order the next working day.

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Many parents nowadays opt for a co-sleeper in addition to a traditional crib, a small bed that can be attached directly to the parental bed. This not only makes it easier to feed your baby at night but also strengthens the bond between parent and child due to the proximity. But what exactly do you need in terms of bedding for such a co-sleeper? Baby’s Only is ready to advise you.


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Welcoming a baby during the winter season adds an extra dose of coziness to the time of year. Soft blankets, warm clothing, and the enchanting scent of fresh snow contribute to this special season. However, with coziness comes the responsibility of ensuring your little one stays warm and comfortable. At Baby's Only, we understand the needs of winter babies and offer a comprehensive selection of products to welcome and care for your baby during the cold months.


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